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I talk to reporters, writers, the public, and other interested people about the economy and politics as part of my job. I also maintain an incomplete list of the times I do so. Click above or here to see times I have been quoted or referenced in the media. You can also click here to see times I've been on TV, radio, or podcasts. Here is also a partial list​ of the panels I have done.

Also feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat for any of these reasons.


This is an incomplete list of panels, testimony, debates, and other public appearances I've made, ones that you can watch online.

Hammer Museum
President Trump signed a $2 trillion bipartisan relief bill designed, in part, to protect people from the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. But is it best characterized as a stimulus package, a bailout, an emergency relief plan, or something else?
USD Center for Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy
California has passed a law that will raise the state's minimum wage to $15/hr by 2022. Does this law make economic sense? Is it a sound policy in pursuit of social justice?
Philanthropy New York
This session is part of our program series "Can Philanthropy Help Shape the Next Economy? A Workshop Series for a Just Transition."
OR Books
OR author, NYU professor and Strike Debt activist, Andrew Ross discussed debt refusal with Sarah Jaffe, George Caffentzis, Sarah Ludwig, Pamela Brown and Mike Konczal on Wednesday, February 19 at Brecht Forum.
Young Democratic Socialists
Drowning in Debt: They Say "Cut Back" We Say "Fight Back"
Netroots Nation
Mike talks about Dodd/Frank and how it's being undermined.
New America
On December 21, 2010, Tim Fernholz, the Asset Building Program's Research Fellow, gathered a panel of experts to discuss the foreclosure crisis currently affecting millions of homeowners.
Mercatus Center
A "Meet the Press" style panel covering a number of different perspectives and approaches to the issue of interchange fees.
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