Latest Updates


- Binyamin Appelbaum reviewed the book at Foreign Affairs (2/16/21).


- Bryce Covert reviewed the book at Foreign Policy (2/6/21).

- Justin H. Vassallo reviewed the book at the Los Angeles Review of Books (2/4/21).

- Barton Swaim reviewed the book at the Wall Street Journal (1/29/21).

- Ryan Cooper reviewed the book at The Week (1/27/21).

- Political scientist Henry Farrell reviewed the book at Crooked Timber (1/26/21).

- The Karl Polanyi Project reviewed the book (1/18/21).

-  The book was reviewed by the Manhattan Institute's Stephen Eide at National Review (1/15/21).

Media Appearances

- I was on The Majority Report with Sam Seder podcast (YouTube) to discuss the book (1/27/21).

- I was on the Left Anchor podcast to discuss the book (1/30/21).

- I was on Vox's The Weeds podcast with Matthew Yglesias to discuss the book (1/22/21).

- I was on the Gin and Tacos podcast Mass for Shut-Ins with Ed Burmila to discuss the book (1/20/21).

- I was on the Lawyers, Guns and Money podcast with Erik Loomis to discuss the book (1/12/21).

Excerpts and other Resources

- There was an adapted excerpt of the book, covering Medicare and desegregation, at The Nation (1/19/21).

- Economist J.W. Mason had a long twitter review of the book and discussing its major themes (1/15/21).

- There was an adapted excerpt of the book, covering the eight-hour workday, at Boston Review (1/11/21).

- I was interviewed at Dissent Magazine by historian Tim Barker about the book (12/28/20).

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What People are Saying:

"But it is a great book that looks to remake the American debate about freedom and largely succeeds. [...] Freedom from the Market has the potential to be a very important book, focusing attention on the contested, messy but crucially important intersection between social movements and the state." - Henry Farrell, John Hopkins University

"With carefully selected examples and lucid prose, Konczal makes a convincing case that the American project has long depended on rigorous regulation of capitalism. Progressive voters and policy makers will find plenty of ammunition for their arguments in this cogent history." - Publisher's Weekly

"An economic manifesto on behalf of the 99% poorly served by the present economy." - Kirkus Review

"Providing solid cases where government regulations helped to give Americans a better life, this will appeal to progressives looking for a history of their movement." - Library Journal

"[R]emarkable little book trying to connect one of America’s cardinal values to an agenda of active, agile, and unapologetically interventionist government [...] a wonderful synthesis and an important intellectual contribution to the project of imagining a post-neoliberal economic framework." - Dylan Matthews, Vox

"In this remarkably concise, systematic and direct book, Konczal shows that America has always been about free services, but that capitalism as practiced is incapable of providing them." - The Straight Dope