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- Matt Mazewski at Commonweal (7/21/21).

- Adrian Rutt at Liberal Currents (7/8/21).-

- Molly Michelmore at Democracy Journal (6/25/21).

- Martin Wolf at the Financial Times (6/21/21).

- Binyamin Appelbaum at Foreign Affairs (2/16/21).

- Bryce Covert at Foreign Policy (2/6/21).

- Justin H. Vassallo at the Los Angeles Review of Books (2/4/21).

- Barton Swaim at the Wall Street Journal (1/29/21).

- Ryan Cooper at The Week (1/27/21).

- Henry Farrell at Crooked Timber (1/26/21).

- An author at the Karl Polyani Project (1/18/21).

-  Stephen Eide at National Review (1/15/21).

Media Appearances

- I was on The Majority Report with Sam Seder podcast (YouTube) to discuss the book (1/27/21).

- I was on the Left Anchor podcast to discuss the book (1/30/21).

- I was on Vox's The Weeds podcast with Matthew Yglesias to discuss the book (1/22/21).

- I was on the Gin and Tacos podcast Mass for Shut-Ins with Ed Burmila to discuss the book (1/20/21).

- I was on the Lawyers, Guns and Money podcast with Erik Loomis to discuss the book (1/12/21).

Excerpts and other Resources

- There was an adapted excerpt of the book, covering Medicare and desegregation, at The Nation (1/19/21).

- Economist J.W. Mason had a long twitter review of the book and discussing its major themes (1/15/21).

- There was an adapted excerpt of the book, covering the eight-hour workday, at Boston Review (1/11/21).

- I was interviewed at Dissent Magazine by historian Tim Barker about the book (12/28/20).

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